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Take a closer look at how C-me compares with other behavioural profiling solutions, where we differ and how to get the most from our features.


Who we are

At C-me, we specialise in actionable and positively impactful behavioural profiles for a diverse range of organisations. We support you in providing the right insights for employees and managers to understand their individual and team strengths, areas for development and how to maximise performance.

What makes us different


Understand behaviour with colours

We transcend traditional labels by using colours to vividly illustrate the complexity of human behaviours, providing a holistic and nuanced understanding.


Visualise team dynamics

Our Team Wheel offers more than just a snapshot; it provides a comprehensive and insightful view of team dynamics, fostering better collaboration and synergy.



We offer all of our users full access to features like personalised profiles and team wheels to help develop their understanding of how each team member works best.

A detailed look at how we compare

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C-me vs. DISC
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C-me vs. MBTI

“We chose to work with C-me because they were quick to respond, took the time to understand our needs and then provided a bespoke solution at a very competitive price. We are looking forward to our partnership with them. C-me will be a critical tool to enhance our new Performance Review process and empower our people to communicate and provide feedback in an even more effective manner.”

Kran Kullar Head of People, Drest

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