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About Frances Bardsley

As a successful school on the outskirts of London, Frances Bardsley are fortunate to serve a diverse community. 
The Academy is recognised as a ‘Good’ school, with Outstanding features.

Before C-me

Frances Bardsley Academy sought a tool to enhance their understanding of individual operating styles, aiming to foster a more effective staff team. The newly formed Senior Leadership Team at the academy turned to C-me to develop a tailored training session, enabling them to delve into their operational methods in greater detail.

Results after working with C-me

After exploring various options, Frances Bardsley Academy determined that C-me's expertise in education made it the most suitable choice for their needs. They aimed to invest in their dedicated staff team, committed to providing the best possible education for their students. The academy was impressed by C-me's quality of communication, program clarity, and the insightful use of the 'colour wheel' to assess their team's profiles. C-me workshops provided activities that enabled the leadership team to gain a detailed understanding of the programme's workings. These workshops facilitated enlightening conversations around profiling content, sparking necessary discussions among the leadership team. The sessions also offered invaluable opportunities for self-reflection among the academy's middle leadership team. The majority of participants commented on how the workshops helped them manage communications more effectively. Subsequently, all staff became aware of their colleagues' communication preferences, leading to increased productivity in meetings and fostering more fruitful relationships.

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Staff are now much more aware of how to communicate with each other, and this has led to better conversations between colleagues. For our middle leaders, the experience was an invaluable opportunity for self-reflection. The vast majority of the team have commented on the positive way it has helped them manage communications with others.

Julian Dutnall, Headteacher, Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls