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Drest is the world's first luxury fashion styling mobile game that has seen fast growth. They needed to find a solution that helped strengthen cohesion across the company whilst improving their new Performance Review Process.

A word from Drest

We chose to work with C-me because they were quick to respond, took the time to understand our needs and then provided a bespoke solution at a very competitive price. We are looking forward to our partnership with them. C-me has been a critical tool to enhance our new Performance Review process and empower our people to communicate and provide feedback in an even more effective manner.

Kiranjit Kullar, Drest, Head of People

Objectives & Challenges

Like all fast-growing companies creating a positive culture where all are valued can be a challenge.  Drest are determined to ensure each person feels valued and that they have a personalised Performace Process Review. Other areas that they wanted to enhance were:
C-me help Drest deliver performance reviews that are objective, constructive, and meaningful to all employees
  • To establish a clear understanding of how team members communicate as it was challenging to provide effective feedback and facilitate constructive conversations.
  • Without a shared understanding of individual strengths and communication styles, it was difficult to create a cohesive team.
  • Drest wanted to improve their ability to conduct performance reviews that were objective, constructive and provided meaningful feedback.


As a company, Drest overcame these challenges through the use of the C-me to ensure the success of all departments.
C-me provide Drest with insights in to every employees behavioural styles and working preferences to support their performance review program
  • C-me provided insights into individuals' behavioural styles and preferences, allowing managers to create more effective communication and feedback strategies.
  • C-me helped to break down communication barriers by providing employees with a common language to discuss their behavioural styles and preferences.
  • This led to more open and effective communication, which helped improve teamwork and overall performance.

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