Inspire self‑awareness for greater team performance

DIVERT is a custody Intervention programme for young adults in partnership with the Metropolitan Police. DIVERT aims to reduce offending by directly engaging with 18-25 year olds to redirect them away from crime, through reflecting on and reshaping habitual mindsets that have led to offending behaviours, towards making improved choices and decisions. Alongside this they offer bespoke opportunities to make success achievable for each individual who engages with the programme.

C-me was drafted in to support with growing team cohesion and employee self-awareness.

Inspire self‑awareness for greater team performance. C-me were drafted in to support with growing team cohesion and employee self-awareness for the charity DIVERT

A word from DIVERT

The C-me profiling exercise has been a piece of innovative genius for DIVERT. The team have used the process to conduct their own self-audits, reflect on how they interpret the world through specific frames of referencing and perspective blindness.

Tom Rolt (DIVERT Programme Manager for South London)

Objectives & Challenges

Divert 2
  • To align a cognitively diverse group of people within our team
  • To encourage them to embrace vulnerability as a strength
  • To inspire the team to acknowledge shortcomings as areas for development and potential growth


Divert 4
  • C-me onboarded DIVERT to the C me platform
  • C-me accredited two DIVERT team members to roll out C-me across their organisation
  • DIVERT created a C-me Buddy Scheme which has resulted in the team growing stronger as a unit and learning more about each other’s perspectives, experiences and learning differences


The C-me experience has laid the foundations of understanding oneself better in both natural and adapted states, but also importantly respecting the lenses of life that other’s wear to navigate through life.

Tom Rolt