Empowering Future Leaders

Ten Lifestyle Group, a global concierge service provider, utilises the C-me tool to enhance leadership effectiveness across their teams worldwide, resulting in better communication, collaboration, and performance.

A word from the Ten Group

C-me is a brilliant tool which continues to help our teams effectively communicate. Using C-me’s easy-to-understand language of colours, our global SLT, regional teams and future leaders are more self-aware of their own behaviours and can now navigate and understand how to flex their communication style to best suit their surroundings.

Jack Pappara, Senior Talent Development Manager, Ten Group

Objectives & Challenges

Ten Lifestyle Group is a global company that aims to future-proof its leaders through psychometric profiling. By investing in leadership development, Ten Group is positioning itself as a forward-thinking and innovative company, ready to tackle the challenges of the future.
  • Develop self-awareness and communication skills among employees through psychometric profiling
  • Equip future leaders with effective communication and management styles
  • Create a common language of colours to enhance communication across global teams


As a company, the Ten Group have empowered their current and future leadership resulting in an exciting future. 
  • Future leaders are being trained to flex their communication styles to suit different situations, resulting in more effective leadership
  • C-me helps employees understand their own behaviours and communication style, leading to improved self-awareness and communication skills
  • The use of a common language of colours across global teams enhances communication and collaboration, leading to improved productivity and performance

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