C-me provides a people development tool for commercial success

WRc is an independent centre of excellence for innovation and growth operating across many different sectors including water, environment, gas and resource management. 
C-me has been employed to develop their greatest asset - their people.
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A word from WRc

Our people are our greatest resource and the most important building block for commercial success. Everything we do is founded on attracting exceptional people, and implementing a programme of continuous leadership, professional, and commercial development.

Frances Smith, HR Director WRc plc

Objectives & Challenges

  • WRc is currently on a growth trajectory. To achieve our aspirations we have started to focus on greater team development and enhanced leadership skills within the business.
  • At WRc, we strive to be established innovation leaders where everything we do is underpinned by technical expertise and innovative solutions. This takes excellent teamwork and professional skills.
  • We looked to improve departmental interactions and communications to ensure innovative thinking and seamless project delivery.
  • We are always looking to improve our efficiency, we looked to C-me to support us in onboarding our staff faster.


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  • C-me has been used for a number of years as a development tool for the most senior team within the organisation.
  • We recognised that C-me could be a powerful tool if applied more widely across the business to help us get the best out of our biggest resource – our people.
  • Working together with C-me, a workshop programme was developed to include everyone within WRc - from the top down, to help us all understand at an individual level how we can bring the best of who we are to the business.
  • The C-me workshop programme also improved our staff onboarding, team dynamics and departmental communications


Using C-me we were able to consider how our team communicates, learn to work together more effectively, and value one another’s contribution to the business.

Frances Smith, HR Director WRc plc

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