Creating a cohesive team

After conducting an Annual Engagement Survey, with a team at the BBC, the results identified that the members of the team were not as engaged as expected. C-me was used to turn this around.
Discover how the BBC leveraged the power of C-me's psychometric tool to enhance their leadership and unlock valuable insights into their workforce

A word from the BBC

We have used C-me for a number of years now. Our first C-me experience was when I became a team leader and took on several new members of staff. It really helped improve communication in the team as it gave newer members an insight into the more long-standing members. When my team was expanded C-me has been a great way to give people who had never met in person a structured way of getting to know each other, with a shared common language to describe people's differences and individual strengths.

Emma Theedon, BBC, Head of Audiences.

Objectives & Challenges

Taking on new Leadership responsibility and handling the challenges of a fast-growing team that are across the country has its challenges. The challenges that were faced:
C-me help BBC leaders better understand their leadership style and strengths
  • A team which was dispersed around the UK and did not know each other very well
  • Taking on extra leadership responsibilities and needing to learn how to manage well
  • Help a team who interact and support other departments in the organisation ensure they had good boundaries


The team at the BBC used C-me to first grow in self-awareness, appreciate each other and then learn to be effective as one. 
C-me help dispersed BBC teams get to know each other better to improve team performance
  • New leadership grow in confidence and understanding of their leadership styles
  • The dispersed team has used C-me to get to know each other in a meaningful way
  • The team gained valuable insight into their behaviours as a whole and identified the strengths and areas of development they may face.

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